Sunday, December 30, 2012

"SWEET and SOUR", by Eleanor Erickson Hargrave

"Sweet and Sour", 10" x 7", Original Watercolor Painting.  This lovely sunflower in vase with lemon on table was painted to show the window and bring in the out of doors. I love to paint my still life work to often do that. This was painted in my own impressionistic style which seems to come easy for me. I used Holbein artists transparent watercolors to help me in my attempt to make the watercolor look watery, which I like in most cases.  My favorite watercolorist is Charles Reid, and I'm sure is where I fell in love with that look. This painting is available and if interested, please contact me at This is unframed but I'd be help you in getting matting and frame at my cost. Thank you for stopping by and looking at my artwork. My personal art blog is  Thank you

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