Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year Thoughts by Diana Moses Botkin

Here it is a new year! The last twelve months have zipped by for me... for you too?

As 2012 drew to an end I finalized a commission and began forming some new ideas for work I want to do.

That's always the challenge before me... to create something beautiful or thought-provoking. Something fresh. New. Really, just how do I make a good painting... or a painting good? I want it to be more than just good enough.

These sketches are a hint of what has been jiggeting about in my brain. I'll show you some more later. (Please contact me if you would like to purchase any.)

Although I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, I do have some new goals I'm challenging myself with this year.  The first one is 30 pieces in 30 days.  I've picked faces and figures for my month's theme to keep my interest and energy strong.

Just before Christmas I received a book in the mail that I'd been looking forward to seeing in print.

The book is Artists Speak, published by The Philadelphia/Tri-State Artists Equity Association. It is about "the revelations of contemporary artists, their lives, dreams, problems, joys and craft".

I was asked months ago to write the introduction to the chapter Balancing Art, Work, and Family. I considered it a privilege to share my thoughts regarding those specific challenges!

I am so impressed with the lovely work in the chapter by the men and women who are making art while working jobs and taking care of families!

Indeed the whole book is filled with outstanding and thought-provoking images and words regarding the challenges of being an artist. You can order the book at the Artists Equity page and see it for yourself.

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