Thursday, February 7, 2013

Miniature landscape, oil on wood, 2"x 3" by Ayleah

Hey there! This is the first in a series of fun miniature oil paintings on wood. This original oil painting is 2" x 3 1/4" (x 3/4" deep). My current goal is to paint and post a set of 50 miniature paintings. The subjects in these paintings are different from my usual paintings. As I paint these I "let myself go" and paint whatever comes to mind - even silly, small paper airplanes.

I've also launched a new website called "". As some of you know, I taught art for many years. The new website will house my art lessons - free. There is no catch, no charge, no obligation. I intend to add at least one lesson a week - the reason I'm only entering one a week is that it is time consuming to change the lesson from "classroom style"  over to  "self serve" lessons. Please be patient, by Halloween I hope to have 34 lessons online. Please give me a week and then tell your k-12 teacher friends and your art intro friends! Thanks, Ayleah (eye-lee-uh)

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