Friday, August 2, 2013

Life IS a Bowl of Cherries, Margaret Aycock 6x6 oil

I have been painting peaches like crazy as our community garden trees are loaded.  My husband brought home a bag of cherries from the market and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to paint them as well.  Cleansing the pallet :-).  There is something very soothing about looking deeply into one or two objects and reproducing them in oil.  The very best form of meditation around.... and... you get to eat, afterwards!
I just put it on ebay for a very low start price with no reserve.  have fun bidding.
I also put a link to my blog where I have my book and DVDs for sale.  I am almost finished with my book on painting the landscape which will soon be for sale on my site as well.  Until then, Happy Bidding!
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