Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Illustration by Diana Moses Botkin

Over a year ago, I was contacted by Staedtler after they saw one of my figure drawings.

The international art materials company based in Germany was redesigning several lines of supplies and wanted me to develop art for each line, similar to my drawing they liked. They planned to use the pieces for their new packaging and related advertising.

So, finally the first product line is ready for market, the Tradition® pencil sets. I created this special drawing you see at right, using their products. 

Last year when I was testing out the pencils and working on this drawing to meet their deadline, I hinted at the process in my blog posts. I'm so happy to finally be able to show you my work.

I saw Staedtler's advertising recently for the Tradition® pencil set (in Drawing magazine), which shows my work in the ads. I feel blessed and honored to have my art shown off by Staedtler. 

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