Sunday, July 24, 2016

KMA3065 The Beginning by Colorado artist Kit Hevron Mahoney (8x8 acrylic, abstract art, conceptual)

This is a sampling of a small body of work that I have done where I am exploring creations of abstract images done on panel board with acrylics. They are non representational allowing the viewer to engage and let their imaginations soar. I will be posting the series of 9"x12" in upcoming days that are very reasonably priced and will have special pricing if you choose to purchase more than one. I have not abandoned my representational work by any means but am expanding my horizons and satisfying my creative curiosity by allowing myself to step outside of the box. To those of you who are not lovers of abstract works, please send me an email at so that I can put you on a list to send only my representational works. 8x8” unframed original acrylic on panel board $75 plus $15 S&H See more paintings on my blog Visit my website Daily Painters of Colorado

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